Community First Responders


"Our scheme has run in partnership with, and under the clinical governance of, the East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) since 2014, and operates primarily within the city boundaries of Nottingham and Derby.

Our volunteers, from across the Nottingham and Derby campus’, are trained to perform emergency resuscitation techniques and lifesaving first aid. They use these skills whilst responding to high priority 999 calls, potentially anywhere in the East Midlands. By acting as an additional resource to the ambulance service our volunteers reduce the time members of the public have to wait for emergency intervention when every minute counts. As a scheme our responders have totalled over 4,000 hours of voluntary service since 2014, and attended over 1,000 jobs, detailed below.

As part of our ambition to be as diverse as possible, we welcome volunteers studying any course at the University Of Nottingham." 


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Operations Lead
Rachel Groome
Andrew Orsi
Alexander Ferriman