The Springboard Project

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                                            "Aspire to Inspire"

What is the Springboard Project?

The Springboard Project, facilitated by the University of Nottingham is a programme geared towards tackling education disillusionment amongst year 10 students from ethnic minorities in the city of Nottingham. We work with two local schools in Nottingham, acquiring mentors from around the university to inspire the young students.

As mentors, we aim to enlighten these young people about the benefits of Higher Education, and guide them through what could be a life changing experience by showing them realistic ways and paths to achieving their goals.

What we do?

The Springboard Project runs as a series of workshops from February to March, which are held on the University Park Campus. The mentors are paired with one mentee whom they work with to tackle misconceptions and misinformation about education, career options and success.

We do this by facilitating interactive workshop sessions with a range of motivational speakers, public speaking experts, first aid trainers, athletes, and successful students. The mentee and mentors are given lunch at each session, and go through a portfolio workbook allowing the mentee’s to reference the skills and knowledge gained.

How to get involved

You can join us by simply becoming a member or contact us via email: