Nottingham Student Soup Run

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Souprunners is a non-profit organisation led by students here at the University of Nottingham. We have a sister branch at Trent.

We seek to provide much needed support to homeless and vulnerable people in Nottingham, as well as raise awareness about the homelessness and educate our volunteers so that they can provide the best support and information to those who need it.

We have two weekly soupruns, that occur every week during the year. We have soupruns on Tuesday and Sunday evenings.

On our soupruns we prepare food at a Souprun leader's house, before walking to city centre to hand out food and hot drinks. We also provide support and information as well as essentials such as clothes, sleeping bags and toiletries. 

To sign up to one of our soupruns join our facebook group and comment on the weekly sign up post: . There is no definitive commitment required, just an as and when availability for a souprun if you so wish to help on one!

We also have monthly hot food soupruns and special soupruns such as Christmas with the Rucksack Project or Pancake Tuesday!


Look out also for our additional events - we host educational events and training workshops to provide you with the knowledge and skills to help a homeless person.


Or if you have some fundraising talents, or are looking for a cause to raise money for - get in touch! All our soupruns are entirely self-funded through our volunteer's efforts.


For any additional queries, send us an email at