*Please note that after a room has been booked, if you no longer wish to use the room, please ensure you cancel giving 24 hours notice.* 

We appreciate that in certain exceptional/unforeseen circumstances non-attendance is unavoidable. Please can all groups cancel a room even if it is at the last minute (no later than 4pm (working day)). If reception is closed and you wish to cancel your booking please send an email to Nicola.boyes@nottingham.ac.uk orSue.McInerney@nottingham.ac.uk

Room bookings can be cancelled through Nicola Boyes on Main Reception/Box Office. 

Failing to cancel a booking will result in your group being charged £25. If you do not attend a room booking for 3 sessions your group will be banned from any further bookings. If your society is in debt, a strike system will be followed whereby if your group fails to attend a room booking they will receive a strike, a second strike will be imposed for failing to attend a 2nd room booking and 3rd failure will result in a complete ban.

Please note if you are leaving your room booking early (Portland) then you must inform the Building Attendant. 

Please see links below for booking a room: 

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You can also book a room in person at Main Reception/Box Office (Portland Building). You will receive a Room Bookings Confirmation form for rooms booked in the Portland Building (in person). 

Information on Room Bookings and How to Cancel: 

Room Bookings Chart