Incoming Committee

- Students' Union Compulsory Training

o As a new Students’ Union committee you should attend one of the Students’ Union Group Training events. This will include Health and Safety training, sponsorship training and finance training.

*Please note the grant training mentioned in these sessions is society grants only for student Led Projects see Grants in Finance and Fundraising.*

o To sign up to a training session please click here.

o Please log in first and then you can sign up.

o Treasurer and Project leader MUST attend but not neccessarily the same session.

- Compulsory Paperwork

o Please follow the link here and complete the compulsory ppaperwork as listed. All Students’ Union Groups must complete this before the start of term. This includes a Risk Assessment and an inventory.


- Welcome Fair

Please note – the deadline for Welcome fair is subject to change but is usually the week before the end of the academic year (June) Please get the forms in on time or you will not be given a stall.

Click here to find the form.


Outgoing Committee

                - Handover timescales

You should start thinking about holding your AGM and electing at least a new Project leader and Treasurer in March time so you have time to recruit possible leaders before the Easter Break.

New committees will be required to attend compulsory SU Training which takes place in April, so it is always useful to have your new committee by then.

- Recruitment

Here is a link to a document that has some useful tips to help recruit new leaders if you are struggling for volunteers.

              - Support your new committee

Your new committee will probably want some key information to get started, make sure you give them the essentials; to help them out….

o Committee form – Ask them to sign this and bring to their Volunteer Coordinator (Matt or Shea – We’d be really excited to meet them too)

Sign them up to the SU website Admin –

o  Ask your new committee members to join the website in the same way you did.

o   You will be able to click on Members and see them all listed.

o   Go back into the control panel and click ‘Groups’

o   Click on the relevant position

o   Highlight each member and click ‘Add members’

o   This will then give the new committee admin rights.


- Handover Document

Student Led Projects are now required to submit the following handover document to their volunteer coordinator before the end of the term.