The Finance office

This is the office which you as a Student Led Project use for the following:

  • To pay money in
  • Claim expenses
  • Get invoices paid


  •  Portland Building, B Floor

Staff opening Hours

  • Term Time (Monday- Friday 10am-4pm)
  • Out of Term Time (Monday-Friday 12pm-2pm)

(Drop Box available for paperwork/ requests (NO CASH))


Using the Cash Machine

  • If you are using the ‘paying-in’ machine for the first time, please get a member of finance staff to assist you with this – you will receive a 4 digit pin (Please keep this safe!)


Useful Contacts

Here are some contacts you might find useful when it comes to your SU bank account. Remember to always quote your account code when contacting the following.

  • o    Forgotten your account code? Lucy will be able to find this for you (Treasurers & Project leaders only)
  • o    SB or Derby Student Led Project? Forgotten your account code? Shea will be able to find this for you (Treasurers & Project leaders only)

o    If you are submitting an invoice to be paid from your University email account (as a treasurer)

o    If you have any queries regarding invoices or invoice details.

o    To get an emailed PDF of your student group account.

o    General questions about your account or Finance Office



                Coming Soon!


Tips for Controlling your finances

  • Keep your own Record
  • o It is important to keep an eye on your finances and not to rely on the Finance Office transaction lists. If you update your own records you will have a more up to date account of everything.
  • o Use the below document to keep a record of your own finances so you, as a treasurer, know exactly how much you have to spend.
  • o Remember to always keep an eye on everything going in and out. Sometimes companies overcharge and sometimes mistakes are made, so it is very important that you keep track of your finances.
  • o This sheet is also helpful for next years’ treasurer to look at when they first come into post and have to budget for the upcoming year.

o     Accounts Sheet


Paying for things


  • Paying for things by BACS (electronic payment)

o When organisations like student groups want to buy something, the best way is to ask the company for an invoice, which is like a bill.

o Sometimes companies will require a purchase order number before they can give you an invoice, which means that you'll need to go into the Finance Office to fill in a purchase order form and get a unique SU order number.

o After you have filled in the purchase order form, the Finance Office will scan it and send it by email to the company that you are requesting an invoice from. Remember to give a correct email address of the company on the purchase order form.


  • Requesting an invoice:

o When placing an order with a supplier for an invoice, make sure that the company has the right address to send the invoice to. Include:

o Name of person receiving delivery

o Student Led Project Name

o Portland Building Reception,

o University of Nottingham Students’ Union,

o University Park,

o Nottingham

o NG7 2RD

Make sure you also quote your SU account number and, if appropriate, a purchase order number. It is best to ask the company for an electronic invoice sent directly to your University treasurer mailbox.


  • Online payment of invoices:

o When you (the treasurer) have received the invoice in your University email mailbox, you can forward the invoice to with your account code to get the invoice paid.

o As you have sent it from your University email alias and you are the treasurer, you will not need to print, sign and scan it before sending.


  • Paper payment of invoices:


To pay paper invoices, all you need to do is sign the invoice (after checking that the amount is right) and write the account codes that you want the amount to come out of (as above). You will then need to hand it into the Finance Office.


Using the Union’s Credit Card

o There may be situations where a company will not issue you an invoice and you are not able to pay as an individual. In these exceptional circumstances, you, as a treasurer, may be allowed to use the Union’s credit card on behalf of your Student Led Project.

o A good example of when to request to use the credit card is to buy flights for a large amount of people. You must go into the Finance Office to request to use the Union credit card. Please note that as with all credit cards there is a limit on our Union card. This is why it should only be used in exceptional circumstances.


Using a float for student group activity

o We encourage as much as possible for activities and tickets to be sold through the website but we understand that in some cases this may not be possible and you may require a float. As the Finance Office is a cashless office, we cannot issue out floats. At the moment the current procedure is:

  •      o Use your own money to start with as a float. (make sure that you have                          this in writing from a committee meeting)
  •      o  Keep a note of all moneys coming in and out so you know how much cash is in          the pot at any one time.
  •      o  When cash has been paid just take out the amount of float you have used and            give it back to yourself. It is always worth doing this with another committee member      for transparency.

o If you need to do this regularly then it might be worth keeping a regular float and money tin (do not keep more than £20 as a float in cash- always pay in the remainder into your account).  You must also keep a record of your petty cash tin. You can use a separate accounts sheet or your own log book. 


Paying for a service (coach/ instructor/ lecturer/speaker/performer)


o To pay an individual for a service they have provided from your student group account, it is always best to ask for an invoice. If they are a regular guest then they must register themselves with and can either invoice your student group or be put on our University payroll.

o When an individual is not able to issue an invoice (or if the individual is a student) then the following form must be filled in by them:

            Student Group Service Fee Form

            This is needed for the following reasons:

  •       It covers your student group against employment law infringements.
  •        You use this form as a ‘receipt’ to attach to the back of an expenses claim form and        put the details of the service provider on the expenses claim form so they can be            paid. 

Paying another Charity

o Even though your student group is a charity, you can still raise money for another charity. Please be aware though that you cannot use your grant funds to raise money for another charity (ultra vires rule of law). 

To pay money that has been raised for charity, you will need to do the following: 

1)      Get the bank details from the nominated charity on their headed paper and signed by an appropriate person (an official email will be accepted)

2)      Written request signed by the treasurer of the club or society wishing to make the donation clearly stating the amount and the full private account code.

            3)      Email both of these to


Expenses Claim Form 

If an individual pays for something on behalf of your Student Led Project and needs reimbursing, please fill in an Expenses claim form. Remember the following:

·         You will need to make sure you attach receipts to prove the purchase.

·         Debit or credit card receipts are not sufficient.

·         You can take this to the Finance office and drop it in the Finance Drop Box or email a scanned signed copy with scanned receipts to

·         For mileage reimbursements, you will need to provide a print screen/print out of your journey from (an internet maps provider such as Google Maps) with the mileage clearly shown.

·         The Treasurer's signature must be on the form to authorise.

·         The Project Leader has to authorise any reimbursements to the treasurer.

·         Please ensure that all bank details, names and all handwriting is legible and clear.

·         It is important that you follow these above points to ensure reimbursements aren't delayed.

Expenses claim form

            Please see here for a guide on how to fill in the form.


Fundraising tips


Why Fundraise?

•       Awareness for your group

•       Awareness for charity

•       Support for your group

•       Support for your charity

•       Involvement in Community

•       Gain more volunteers


Before you start!


  1. Fundraising should be fun!
  2. Enjoy organising it (plan effectively!)
  3. People want to know where there money is going – make sure you know yourselves.
  4. Enthusiasm will gain motivation and commitment to the cause.
  5. There will be plenty of no’s – be prepared. There are thousands of charities – be prepared to prove you’re the best!
  6. You need to show you believe in what you’re doing.
  7. List everyone you know and how they might help you. You ‘ll be surprised how this can help!
  8. Have some imagination! You’ll need to be original to be noticed.


Do’s and Don’ts

•       Remember you’re representing the charity at all times.

•       You’re also representing the SU – inappropriate events will not be allowed.

•       Tell People where there money is going!

•       Use your raised money for a different purpose!

•       Forget to do a risk assessment / get insurance for larger events.

•       Forget to check the rules on holding lotteries / raffles.


Ideas for Fundraising events

•       Auctions

•       Auctions of Promises

•       Balloon race

•       Board games evening

•       Film screening

•       Charity of the year

•       Coin collection

•       Competitions

•       Hook-a-Duck

•       £5 draw!

•       Giving up

•       Monthly quiz

•       Pub Games

•       Messy Events

•       Murder Mystery

•       Race Nights

•       Raffles

•       Sales

•       Sponsored event

•       Sports Day

•       Guess the baby

•       Themed Evening

•       Sell a Service

•       EBay

•       Roller Disco

•       Karaoke

•       Bush tucker trial

•       Book Fair

•       Car boot sale

•       Craft Fair

•       Fashion Show

•       Fetes

•       Wine Tasting

•       Dress down day

•       Cycle or walk to Uni

•       Sponsored lunch run

•       A cake sale

•       Guess the weight

•       Tuck shop

•       Party pounds

•       Demure day

•       Night in!

•       Swear box

•       Sweepstake

•       Seasonal!

•       Mulled wine and mince pies

•       Gift wrappers

•       Sell trees / ornaments

•       Carol Singing

•       Shrove Tuesday (PANCAKES!!)

•       Easter egg hunt

•       BBQ

•       Coffee morning

•       Permanent collection box

•       Tombola

•       Magic show

Don‘t forget

  • To Budget
  • Any hidden costs: for example bus journeys.
  • Publicity - Let people know about your event!
  • Innovation! Be creative!


       Other Funding tips

Community Funding

For small grants and fundraising opportunities in Nottingham sign up to


Raffle Prizes

o Some organisations won’t be willing to offer cash but will be willing to offer prizes for raffles. It’s worth asking as this can contribute to a larger fundraising pot at the end of your raffle.



o Keep up to date with Cascade the University Alumni grant system here: cascade are looking for new initiatives and projects to fund, so make sure you have something specific in mind before applying.