Nottingham Night Owls

Nottingham Night Owls is a service for student’s safety and well-being on nights out. The Owls will assist in getting students home safely and providing students with information and helpful supplies; such as water, first aid, food and warmth.

All our volunteers will be patrolling in mixed gender groups and will have a variety of training from risk assessment and self-defence to first aid. There will be several measures in place to ensure the safety of the Nights Owls. We hope to create a community for the Night Owls to feel supported before, during and after shifts.

Nights out are a lot of fun, but getting home can make students very vulnerable. We are now running patrols every Wednesday and Thursday to make sure that every night ends in a hoot!

If you’re interested in volunteering, download and fill in our volunteer application and send it to Stay tuned for information about our next training session.




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