Our Committee

President: Georgia Wilcox

The president is responsible for the organisation of the project as a whole. The president frequently liaises with the Students' union and the widening participation team in order to develop and maintain the project’s strategy. The President chairs committee meetings and liaises with the project mentor


Vice President: Erin Bond

The Vice President’s role is to work closely with the president in the running of the project and to assist the president in an advisory capacity. The vice president will also liaise with the Vet School to continue developing the project.


Treasurer: Nastassja Fowles

The Treasurer is responsible for managing the incoming and outgoing expenditure of the project and updating all financial records. Additionally, the treasurer is involved with attaining funding for the project through small fund-raising activities and sponsorship from businesses. Another important role is to liaise with the Students Union and the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science for their continued support. 


Media and Publicity Officer: Katie Wood

As media and publicity officer I am responsible for all aspects of the NextGen Scientists’ brand and media communications. One main roles is the designing and updating of the NextGen Scientists’ website on the Students Union. Additionally, I am required to produce leaflets and be involved in other marketing aspects of the group.


Events Team Leader: Katy Skillen 

The Events Team Leader is responsible for overseeing and planning the events. They will plan the activities, the timetable for the event and how many volunteers are needed. They will liaise with the Schools Liaison Officer, the Volunteer Coordinator and Events Secretary to ensure the smooth running and execution of events.


Schools Liaison Officer: Catherine Burns

The Schools Liaison Officer is responsible for maintaining links with schools already involved with the project and helping to develop links with schools that are new to the project. Identifying ways to link our activities to the school curriculum is another important part of the role, as well as providing assistance to the rest of the Events Team.


Events Secretary: Cameron Grogan 

The Events Secretary is responsible for the organisational aspects of specific events, including risk assessments and equipment requests, as well as providing assistance to the rest of the Events Team.


Volunteer Coordinator: Lauren Crouch

The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for recruitment and organisation of volunteers for specific events, liaising closely with the Media and Publicity Officer to publicise and encourage participation in events, as well as providing assistance to the rest of the Events Team.