MedSoc Support


MedSoc support is a confidential non-advisory, listening and sign posting service run by medical students for medical students. We have trained supporters in all years (from first to final year and even continuing past graduation into Foundation jobs). Students are free to contact any member of the scheme regardless of year to chat about absolutely anything at all. Currently supporters receive basic training (thanks to Nightline) but we are hoping to increase this to ensure they’re able to support students to the best of their ability.


Being a  non-advisory listening service means we’re not going to lecture you and tell you how to solve your problems. We know we can’t ever know the whole story so it would be silly for us to presume we know the best solution for you! However we will listen to you, chat about what your options are and help you come to your own decision!


No-one should suffer alone, more than anything MedSoc Support wants to make sure that no-one didn’t seek help because they didn’t know who to talk to. As a signposting service MedSoc Support can let you know exactly what help there is available for you either within or outside of the medical school.