"Laying down the Law"



The aim of this programme would be to ensure that students have a simple, working knowledge of the practical elements of the law that they would encounter during the course of their day-to-day lives and to enable them to be better informed about the legal consequences of life-choices they may make while at Home or at University.

 This would include (but would not be limited to) discussion on: what one can be arrested for; the consequences of being found in possession of drugs and other controlled substances; the impact of a criminal record on future employment or academic opportunities; rules specific to the City of Nottingham regarding alcohol consumption in public and the rights and responsibilities of both the student and the Police in stop-searches and when being arrested.

The programme is aimed initially at University-aged students but would aim to be rolled out to school-aged children in the surrounding Nottingham area in the long term.

The programme can also provide participant volunteers a valuable opportunity to become familiar and comfortable with presenting information to their peers in an engaging and informative style while being simultaneously well-read on the information the programme seeks to propagate; skills that would be valuable to employers and for the wider character development of participant students.

This programme is not intended to give actionable legal advice, merely to distribute otherwise freely available information in a manageable, relatable and entertaining format.



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