Immigration Education Nottingham

The School Sessions 

OUR SCHOOLING WING is for volunteers more interested in teaching and working with children in a classroom environment, with the goal to essentially run workshops across local secondary (and eventually primary) schools in Nottingham, which focus on various aspects of immigration and diversity in the UK, trying to empower kids to think differently and independently from the media and political representations of incoming communities and people living in our country. These sessions are led by student volunteers in teams of four and five, and work to prevent children inheriting wrong information, stereotypes and general societal fear present in the current national debate on diverse communities in the UK; instead empowering them to start new conversations and form their own ideas on these issues through open debate and led discussions with others around them. 




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Campaigns Officer
Marianne Hohendorf
Director of Education
Elizabeth Jennings
General Secretary
Bethany Allsop
Robert Goligher
Hannah Louise Truelove