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At IEN, our story and our mission are simple.

Who are we and what do we do:

Immigration Education Nottingham (IEN) is a student-led project that began in March 2017 as a popular reaction to and resistance against the divisiveness of the recent conversations taking place nationally on immigration, asylum and diversity issues in the UK. For more information on the increase in hate crime observed in the UK, see

Our work:

Since March 2017, our project has been working both within local schools in Nottingham as well as within the community itself to produce a variety of education and engagement initiatives which collectively aim to start a new public conversation around these issues and to promote better practices of engagement among UK citizens, including most importantly among our next generation when considering and debating these hard topics in our society.

By doing this work, we hope to build a better local and (eventually national) conversation – creating a more open, more informed and more human space where citizens can discuss things like immigration without it resorting to fake news, hostility or prejudicial commentaries. We accept and wish to spread the reality that while questions around immigration, asylum and diversity in our communities are complicated social issues, they have had a long history in our nation, and that in solving problems that do exist, there is no need for the UK to destroy values which we should try our best to preserve– values which include tolerance, liberty and plurality in our society.

Importantly, we do not seek to encourage a rose-tinted view on diversity or immigration, but we simply wish to say that a better conversation can be had. Existing discussions are not only divisive, but they are not solving the problems that exist, and so for that reason, we need new action and to get there, we need to start new conversations - starting locally and building up.

Why now is the best time to become a volunteer:

In Sept 2018, we enter into a new partnership with local enterprise Think For The Future which will help expand our work beyond Nottingham City and into Derby and Nottinghamshire County so there will be plenty of opportunity to get working in the community over the next year.

As well as this, we also offer our school volunteers sessions to prepare practically for what delivering sessions in schools will be like, giving volunteers the confidence to handle any situation that arises in the classroom. 

For those of you who don’t want to work in schools, but do wish to know more about UK immigration, asylum and diversity issues, we also host weekly information sessions, which all are welcome to attend. Just come to listen or you can be more active and help us plan other initiatives in the community, it’s really up to you.

We are always in need of new VOLUNTEERS, particularly for our work in schools, so PLEASE GET IN TOUCH over email or on Facebook if you are interested/want to know more.

We very much look forward to meeting you.