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Want to help fight the climate of discrimination against immigrant and refugee communities in our country? 


Want to gain experience in teaching, community engagement, or political campaigning? 


Hello everyone! 

Here at Immigration Education Nottingham (IEN) we've started a project that we believe is needed in the UK and we're looking for you to join us in making it BIG! Essentially, we are an education program (not just in schools) whose main goal is to effectively counter the rising xenophobia and hostility towards refugee and immigrant communities in the UK.


Why is Immigration a hot topic?

In the recent decade, immigration has come to define British - as well as European – politics and we believe not in a good way. Parties like UKIP, The National Front (France) and The Freedom Party (The Netherlands/Austria), have driven their rising popularity by their hostility towards immigrants- particularly Muslim minorities- in their home states. In the process they, along with the media, have changed how migration is framed and understood by the public.


The role of the media and politics in stimulating xenophobia

Rather than being perceived as another human, the perception of "immigrants" and anyone foreign-born has become synonymous with the idea of being a threat to the country and our way of life. In its open flaunting of phrases like "take back control", the recent “Leave” Campaign for the EU Referendum was perhaps the most stark display of an ongoing phenomenon which paints anyone not White-British as an issue in our country, rather than an asset to it.

Unfortunately, it was just one exhibition in what appears a much larger picture. Still there are constant public reminders that people of diverse cultures and nations represent a threat to our economic security- our jobs, our wages; to our social security - our housing, our schools, our NHS, and even to our physical security- in the case of terrorism. This "narrative" has led to increasing hostility towards the minorities living in the UK – creating more cases of active discrimination generally, as well as in its most extreme consequences, instances of vicious hate crime and violence between the communities of our country- the 2017 attack in Finsbury Park being just one of the examples we could name.


Take action with Immigration Education Nottingham!

At IEN, we're here to start a new conversation on immigration and to return to a vision of “Britain” which does not divide or create violence between communities, but instead unites and celebrates the true diversity of the UK.

 You, as a volunteer, are central to our success. So if you would like to be involved there are two tracks for you to consider - school sessions and/or campaigning.  You can focus in one area exclusively or involve yourself in both- it’s really about what suits you!


Please have a read of both tracks via the links on the left of the page. We welcome anyone who wants to join us in this initiative. Together, we can make such a massive difference so make sure you're part of it!


We hope to meet you soon!

The IEN Team 


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