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What does IEN do?

IEN is a student-led volunteering project where we aim to create a more informed debate around immigration in local schools and communities. Together we create lesson plans and deliver them in schools to a wide range of students from different backgrounds to create healthy and lively debates. We also hold social events including monthly film screenings, pub quizzes, talks by immigrants about their stories, and much more!

Importantly, we do not seek to encourage a rose-tinted view on diversity or immigration, but we simply wish to say that a better conversation can be had. Existing discussions are not only divisive, but they are not solving the problems that exist, and so for that reason, we need new action and to get there, we need to start new conversations.


Why would I want to join IEN?

At IEN we offer a unique combination of in-school experience (mostly in secondary schools) and the chance to pair that with discussions on a very important current issue. IEN also has many connections with other groups and organisations which we can use to help our programme of going into schools, these include ThinkForTheFuture and the Environment and Social Justice Network in the SU.

As well as this, we also offer our school volunteers training to prepare practically for what delivering sessions in schools will be like, giving volunteers the confidence to handle any situation that arises in the classroom. These sessions will involve a talk by Teach First on how to handle situations in a classroom.


How can I get involved?

Every Wednesday in term time we have a meeting where we prepare for school visits, create our lesson plans, or organise other plans which as a society we will be taking part in. It's a great place to meet our committee and to get involved in discussions which hopefully will broaden your understanding of immigration. There is no set amount each volunteer has to contribute and if going into a school is daunting you can still help us out with everything else we do!

To contact us, you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and through our email all of which you can find below. We look forward to hearing from you with any questions you have big or small!