Nottingham Uni Boob Team (NottsUBT)

Our Mission

We are the Nottingham Uni Boob Team and we represent a charity called CoppaFeel! at the University of Nottingham. We are on a mission to get everyone on campus checking their boobs and pecs regularly because it’s really important to get to know your normal so that if anything does change you can get it checked out!

One of the main things we promote is our text reminder service – if you text UBT NOTTS to 70500 you’ll get a free monthly reminder to check your chest! CoppaFeel! are an awesome charity who are working towards a world where all breast-cancer is detected at the earliest possible stage because this greatly increases the chance of survival and the efficacy of treatments. Their primary focus is young people and the UBT’s set-up across the country aim to spread their message on campus. We want to get as many uni students knowing their bodies and checking their boobs/pecs as possible!

It’s not all doom and gloom though – while the message Notts UBT spreads is a very serious one, we aim to keep our campaigns positive and very much enjoy dressing up as boobs and getting our glitter on to spread the boob-checking message as far as we can!

Get Involved

We are constantly recruiting because the more people we have spreading our mission the further it goes! The best thing to do would be to send a message to one of our social media accounts (below) and then we can add you to our volunteering page! SU membership is free and can be brought using the link on the right.

Instagram: @ubtnottingham

Facebook page: Nottingham Uni Boob Team (

Twitter: @UBTNottingham

If you would like any more info about CoppaFeel! or checking your boobs head to their website at!