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This page contains a selection of past announcements from Challenge Notts. Typically, this will concern previous events. We are preserving these announcements for posterity.

Events and activities mentioned here have ALREADY CONCLUDED.

Upcoming events will be advertised through our main SU page, the SU Events list, our Facebook group, our Twitter feed and our mailing list (accessible from the main SU page).


The tryouts are now closed. After a fantastic show from everyone involved, the University of Nottingham now has its official University Challenge team. Watch this space for updates with their progress.


Challenge Notts will be coordinating with the SU to run Nottingham's University Challenge tryouts. There will be three rounds.

  • Round 1 (Fri 23 Oct -- Thu 29 Oct, 12 noon): Online test through SU website
  • Round 2 (Tue 3 Nov -- Thu 5 Nov): Mini quizzes in person
  • Round 3 (Thu 12 Nov): University Challenge-style quizzes

The tryouts will be open to all years, from freshers to PhD students, full time or part time, so long as

you have never been on a televised edition of University Challenge before,

you are enrolled at the University of Nottingham, and

the final award with respect to your course will not be communicated to you before May 2016.

(So yes, that means final year students are still welcome!) Click here for more information on the tryouts. Hope to see you behind the buzzer soon!

Funded by Cascade, the Nottingham Campaign.

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