Anaphylactic Society

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Anaphylactic Soc is a new student led project aiming to make everybody in the university community aware of allergies, whether this be managing their own allergies when moving to university or supporting friends and housemates.

Throughout the year we’ll be running information sessions on different aspects of allergy and anaphylaxis management, including demonstrations on EpiPen use.

You can also get in contact with us on social media, where we’ll be sharing our experiences and helpful advice.

Look out for our campaigns across the year, such as our How to be a Considerate Housemate and travelling tips

There are lots of ways to get involved with us

* Help us run our information sessions and receive training yourself

* Get involved in our campaigns online and on campus

* Help us fundraise so we can train even more groups on campus

* Join our committee and be involved in the running and growth of our new project!

***APPLY UNTIL 13th MAY***

Check out our Facebook page for our latest opportunities. We welcome any ideas or suggestions on how we can grow, so please get in touch!