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About us

STAR: Student Action for Refugees at Nottingham is 1 of 42 student lead groups at Universities across the UK. All STAR groups are affiliated members of the charity STAR, ‘The National network of student groups working to improve the lives of Refugees in the UK’. This national charity is governed by a board of trustees elected annually by the student committee members themselves.

Student Action for Refugees at Nottingham run the weekly ‘Tuesday Night Project’, with our partners at the Red Cross. This English conversation class provides refugees and asylum seekers living in Nottingham with an invaluable opportunity to practice their English in a safe and supportive environment. Each class is equipped with English worksheets of varying difficulty to support the Student teachers and Refugee students. Through money raised by STAR Nottingham and the opportunities provided by this class, this summer 5 Refugee students passed their IELTS exams (an English language proficiency test) which means they can now start applying for university.

Your STAR Nottingham society also runs various campaigns, fundraising and social events across the academic year; providing students with an opportunity to help raise money and awareness for an incredibly important cause, while socialising and meeting likeminded people.

About your role

We are always looking for more volunteers to support our Tuesday Night Project. We have been so excited by how many new volunteers have joined us this year, and if the numbers keep going up we will consider starting some new regular volunteering opportunities to support our refugee and asylum seeker community in Nottingham. Aside from teaching at the conversation class, if you are keen to get involved your role could be anything from helping out at a bake sale and making placards to raising awareness or joining the committee itself.


You can go once or every Tuesday. If you go regularly you will be able to get more from your experience. If you can’t make it for a particular week don’t worry, just let one of the committee know! We have a sign-up sheet each week on our Facebook page

How to find us

Application Process

If you are not currently signed up to a class, add and message 'Star Nottingham' on Facebook ( and one of the committee will find a space for you or answer any questions you may have. You can also join the society for a yearly fee of £1 by going to our SU page (

Other information

There is a membership cost for joining societies to be paid when you sign up online.