Aegis Society run 1 or 2 training sessions a year. This opportunity will reopen again next academic year!

Throughout the year Aegis Society are committed to campaigning, educating, and fundraising to end genocide and raise awareness regarding issues of genocide which still occur today. They do this by encouraging people to discuss current affairs and unite to defend human rights. They also run the successful Student Speaker Programme; delivering workshops in schools.

Aegis Students are dedicated to educating young people about the dangers of unchallenged discrimination and divisive ideology. They have developed workshops designed to teach secondary school students about the importance of critical thinking and standing up to intolerance and prejudice within their schools and communities and raise awareness of the impact of genocide.

The workshops cover a wide range of issues; many school students learn about the horrors of the holocaust with the belief that acts of genocide and crimes against humanity are now confined to the pages of history books. During our workshops students will examine case studies of the genocides in Rwanda and Sudan, understanding genocide as the final stage in an escalation of exclusion, prejudice and discrimination in society, and working together to investigate ways in which all stages can be prevented. Students will examine their own communities and school environment within the context of intolerance and discrimination, understanding the importance of speaking out against prejudice and hatred locally, nationally and globally. 

As a volunteer you will deliver these workshops in schools, and AEGIS students will provide training on how to run a workshop and to help improve your public speaking skills. This is a great opportunity for those interested in careers in education to gain some experience in schools, to develop these skills and make a real difference, challenging the way young people think about each other and creating the genocide preventers of the future. 

Minimum of 1 full workshop in a school

Workshops take place at schools across Nottingham

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3) You will be invited to the Student Speaker training session

Training for the Student Speaker Programme is over for 2016/17, they will run another session next academic year.



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