Meet the team

If you’re hoping to find out more about volunteering, come and visit the SVC Team! We look after all the volunteering opportunities, and with a wide range of projects we can help find the perfect opportunity for you.

We are very passionate about volunteering and love to hear about your volunteering experiences, how you'd like to help your local community and how we can help you to develop new ideas. So, why not pop in for a chat?



Martine Hesketh – Student Volunteer Centre Manager

I oversee all of the SVC activities, offering support to make sure students’ involvement with volunteering is an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

I am fortunate to work with a fantastic team and we are all committed to offering a variety of opportunities that can help boost your confidence, skills, employability and friendships!  

I have volunteered in numerous places over the years, most recently volunteering on the 4th Nottingham Scouts Executive Committee. Having a background in community-based work, I share the team’s passion for volunteering and am very excited by the opportunities we are able to offer students this year. So, keep your eye on the website, join our mailing list or come and see us in the Portland building.

Lucy Wake– Volunteer Coordinator

Hi, I’m Lucy and my role is managing volunteer-based societies and the Volunteer Reps who you see around campus encouraging students to volunteer. Publicity and social media is also in my remit so if you have a great volunteering success story we can try and get it into local or national media!

If you have a great story, some photos you’d like to share or you’re interested in becoming a Volunteer Rep feel free to drop me an email or visit the SVC!

Matthew Gabrielli – Volunteer Coordinator

Hi, I’m Matt and I support our student-led projects including the current ones we have and any new ones that students might want to set up. I also oversee volunteering in schools, so if you want to gain some experience in the classroom then this is a good place to start.

Have an idea for a project you want to set up? Want to work with local community groups or charities? Or just want to find out more? You can always drop into the SVC for a chat!

Emma Feneley – Volunteer Coordinator

Hi, I’m Shea and it’s my job to get across all of our campuses and work with students to support their journeys into volunteering. I do my best to bring the SVC to you, so if you have a question or query, idea or dilemma I’ll be around to offer as much support as I can.

Our door is always open and we enjoy nothing more than hearing about our students and their volunteering so please drop by or get in touch.

SVC Reps

Meet our team of student volunteers! SVC Reps support the Student Volunteer Centre at events, create one-off volunteering opportunities and help you find your perfect volunteering opportunity when you visit the SVC Office.

We recruit SVC Reps each term so, if you want to encourage students to volunteer, support the SVC and develop your own one-off volunteering events with full support from SVC Staff, please email for an application form

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