How do I get involved?

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How To Get Involved


Signing up for volunteering is easy! Simply follow these instructions and you'll be volunteering in no time!

Step 1: Check out the projects!

Have a look at the 'Ongoing Projects' and 'One-Off Opportunities' under the Volunteering tab. There are loads of options available so do have a good browse! We work with over 60 different charitable organisations, ranging from smaller community based ones to your better known national organisations. Our projects also range in level of commitment and subject area, so there will definitely be something for you!

If you are struggling to find something you like, you can fill out this form and we will get back to you with some suggestions. 

Additionally, you're welcome to arrange an appoint to speak with us in person if you would prefer. 

Step 2: Register your interest!

Once you have chosen which project(s) you would like to get involved with, click on the page for the project(s). At the bottom you shoud find this button:

This button will send you to a short form to fill out. Once you have sent this form, we will get back to you advising you on how to apply! Often this will be the contact details of the project co-ordinator or a link to an application form. Project applications can range from a short informal chat or phone call with the project co-ordinator to a fully fledged application, interview and DBS check. It depends entirely on the type of project. 

Step 3: Apply!

Once you’ve applied, you should hear back from an ongoing project within two weeks and a one-off volunteering opportunity within a couple of days. If you don’t, let us know and we can chase it up for you!

Step 4: Volunteer!

By this point you should be all set to start! We are here to support you all throughout your volunteering journey, so do feel free to contact us with any questions throughout the process! 

Happy volunteering!