We want to know where we are heading for the future and focus on the areas that are important to all of us.

Strategy Update - July 2017

Since the last update on Thursday 22 June there’s been lots going on in the world of strategy, reviewing the last 5 years and what can be learned going forward.


So far:

  • We’ve reviewed your feedback from surveys, focus groups, and all Students’ Union reports over the last 4 years
  • We’ve drafted a strategy review report which your SU Officers and Trustee Board will discuss at the next Trustee meeting in July
  • During a session with your Officers, the University Executive Board fed back how they see the student experience evolving over the next 5 years, and how that fits with what you’ve said so far
  • Your SU Insight team have started work on research into the world of our future students – so what life and education are like for 14-18 year olds currently and what that means for your Union in the next 5 years


What’s next?  Between now and early September:

  • We’ll be finishing the future students research project, from which we’ll then share the key findings of with you
  • We’ll be planning the consultation with you for October, and a second stage in November
  • The Officers will be meeting some of our University and Community stakeholders to gather their thoughts on how we could and should improve and enhance life as a student

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