We want to know where we are heading for the future and focus on the areas that are important to all of us.


Strategy Update - October 2018

After a brief pause for Welcome, we're back to working busily through the strategy's next steps and exploring all the details. It's an exciting time and we'll share more with you when everything's ready.

Fri 26 October 2018

Strategy Update - September 2018

We're still busily working on using our strategy to make a difference to you and your fellow students. We've been planning, generating ideas and holding lots of meetings, and are excited to get cracking on the next steps.

Fri 21 September 2018

Strategy Update - August 2018

As you know, the strategy is done, and it's packed with ways we can make a difference to you and your fellow students. Now it's ready, we're able to plan those all-important next steps – and carry on with our journey of making your University experience the best it can be.

Fri 31 August 2018

Strategy Update - July 2018

Drum roll please… the strategy is done! And we can now use it to help us plan the next steps. When we're ready to get started, we'll share it with you so you can see what happens now and where we go from here.

Tues 31 July 2018

Strategy Update - June 2018

Our new strategy has been amended, tightened and received a whole lot of feedback, but it's almost ready!

Fri 29 June 2018

Strategy Update - May 2018

Many of you had the chance to take a look at the first full draft of our strategy, and we've had some really useful feedback - including from your SU Officers

Wed 30 May 2018

Strategy Update - April 2018

Strategy: what’s next? We’ve laid the foundations of our new strategy and while you get stuck into summer term, we’ll be working hard to iron out the first full draft of our next strategy.

Mon 30 April 2018

Strategy Update - July 2017

Since the last newsletter we’ve been busy reviewing the current strategy. Read July's updates for more information.

Mon 17 Jul 2017

The SU strategy

Find out more about the SU strategy and what it means.

Mon 17 Jul 2017

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