We need to know where we’re heading so we can focus on the areas that are important to all of us

Now that our current strategy is coming to an end, we’re about to deliver a new strategy that will take us from 2018 to 2023 and help us become one of the most successful unions in the country – as well as making sure you get the best-possible University experience.

What is the strategy?

In short, we take your needs, requirements and ideas and use them to set goals and objectives for the next few years of Portland’s development. And this forms your Students’ Union strategy.

The strategy is purely a guide, and isn’t designed to tell us exactly what we can or can’t do. It’s just there to make sure everything we do – in developing Portland and beyond – has you at its heart.

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A new five-year plan is on the cards

Each new generation of students has brought new opportunities, challenges and ideas to the Portland redevelopment. So over the next few months, we’ll be working out what needs to happen next, and what new things your Union should do – all in consultation with you, of course.

That way, we can continue to make sure you have the best-possible experience while you’re at the University of Nottingham.

What happens next?

Right now, we’re reviewing every bit of feedback, every idea and every stat to see what you think of what we’ve done so far, what we need to do next, and what student life is like.

If you’ve ever filled out a survey or been part of a focus group, you’ve already had a hand in shaping your Union, so thank you! But there’s so much more to come, and you’ll be able to have your say in where we go from here.

So much has changed in the last five years, and we can’t wait to share what’s coming next.

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