We want to know where we are heading for the future and focus on the areas that are important to all of us.

So, together we’ll create a strategy from 2018 to 2023 to make sure we can be one of the most successful Union’s in the country but more importantly giving each other the best student experience possible.

A new 5-year plan is on the cards.

Your Students’ Union has developed a lot in the last five years. Every generation of students brings new opportunities and new challenges so over the next nine months there will be lots of reflecting and talking to see what needs to grow and change next, and what new things your Union should do. It’s really important that your Union continues to make your student experience amazing here at University of Nottingham for years to come.

What is the strategy?

In short, the strategy is how your Students’ Union listens to everything you say and all you do, and uses that to set goals and objectives for the next five years. The important things to remember are that the strategy isn’t set to restrict anything your Union does or can do, and that what it does do is ensures that everything your Union does is in your best interests.

You can find out more about the SU strategy and what it means by visiting

What happens next?

Right now, every bit of feedback, every idea, every stat is being reviewed to see what you’ve already said works, what’s needed and what life is like as a student. If you’ve ever filled out a survey or been part of a focus group, you’ll be shaping your Union already. Next term there will be a big consultation where you’ll be able to add further views to shape your Union.

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The SU strategy

Find out more about the SU strategy and what it means.

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