You came. You saw.

You voted.

We asked you to choose a great new look for your Union and you picked a beauty It’s bright, it’s bold and it’s all about the colourful, connected community that we are.

Listening to students has led to the changes made to the look of your Students’ Union brand but also to the services and experience students get from being a member of the Students’ Union. Overall the feedback from students is that their SU is good but it could be better and there are key areas to improve.

We run surveys every term and all students are invited to have their say. The survey asks questions around satisfaction with your SU, understanding who and what the SU is and does and your sense of belonging with the SU. Over the last two years we ran the following surveys, with the number of student’s responding to each survey:

  • Welcome survey October 2015 (n.3793*) and October 2016 (n.4021*)
  • How can we help survey January 2015 (n.2742^) January 2016 (n.2558^) January 2017 (n.2673^)
  • How did we do survey May 2015 (n.3427^) and May 2016 (n.1391”)

[Results are 99% representative of the student population, with a *2% error margin / ^3% error margin / “3.5% error margin]

The results of these surveys are then shared across officers, student groups and SU staff in order to make sure the union movement is responding to the advice of our students’ voices. The reports can also be found here: https://www.su.nottingham.ac.uk/research-library/, and the resulting positive action of the insight here: www.uonsu-success.co.uk

The results from the satisfaction, understanding your SU and sense of belonging questions informed further research into the SU brand. In February 2016, we ran focus groups with 60 students, set up an online panel, via our Thought Forum, with 90 students discussing brand and customer service, and tested brand attributes via a survey with 904 students responding – all with the focus to find out what students thought about their SU brand in more detail, covering experience, identity, language and relevance.

Here’s a presentation of the brand research results.

During the Autumn term last year (2016) more feedback was asked from students in the run up to the new brand identity being chosen and five focus groups and stalls at our campuses too place to test the threes design concepts. If you would like to join our online panel please contact studentsunion@nottingham.ac.uk