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TEC is a group of students who provide technical support to other Students' Union, Clubs and Societies as well as external companies. Our areas of expertise include event planning and operation in Sound, Lighting, AV, Power, Haulage and Logistics.

Whether you're looking for a challenging new pastime, looking to expand on previous experience or gloss up your CV, TEC gives you an unparalleled opportunity to do all these things.

Become a key part in running a successful business, get professional training and practical knowledge in a field that is simply 'really cool'. TEC provides an essential service to the Students' Union, the university and the UK as a whole - you can be one of the people making it continue, year upon year.

Don't worry if you've never done anything technical before, or even if you think you're useless with technology, there are many aspects to sound and lighting not just the wires and buttons.

If you're interested and willing, you can soon become be a valuable part of our team. Joining TEC makes you part of the TEC family as well as just another crew member.

We try our best to look after everyone and ensure that whilst you enjoy the things TEC has to offer, you pass your exams as well!

To join TEC please log in on the right hand side of this page, and add the TEC membership to your basket - it is free! While you're at it, find us on Facebook, check out our website and come and say hi at the TEC Office in Portland.

We will be messaging everyone on our mailing list with details of our introduction sessions soon!

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Communications Officer
Arona John Jones
Health & Safety Officer
Jonathan Gate
Members Officer
Innes Spendier
Samuel James Windle
Productions Manager
Christopher Eason
Technical Director
Samuel James Windle
Adam Richard Clark