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Nottingham New Theatre NNT Boat Party 2020
17th June 6pm - 18th June 3am
Princess Cruises and Lace House
To celebrate all the plays done this year, The Nottingham New Theatre will be hosting our annual Boat Party. On the boat will be an open bar, food and Dj, then we will end the night at Lace House!
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Company Master Carpenter
Barnaby Hartwill
Company Stage Manager
Sophie Baxter
Company Technical Director
Tara Prasad
Costumes, Props and Makeup Manager
Alice Walker
External Coordinator
Zoe Smith
Fringe Coordinator
Jack Titley
Front of House Manager
Ellen Rose Dennis
In House Coordinator
Eleanor Roberts
Rohan D Rakhit
Publicity Manager
Jake Aaron Levy
Caitie Pardoe
Secretary and Welfare Officer
Boo Laura Storm Jackson
Social and Fundraising Coordinator
Megan Tara Phillips
Technical Manager
Skylar Hurd
Theatre Manager
Nadia Valerie Elalfi
Gabriella Teriaca
Unscripted Coordinator and Engagement Officer
Lillian Race