Impact Magazine


Impact is a free, fully-coloured 64-page magazine and is run by students, for students. We also have our own website, which is updated with exclusive material on a fairly regular basis. 

Where can you find us? 

Our office can be found  in C40, on the second floor of Portland Building. Just turn right as soon as you reach the second floor; we sit across from the East Concourse Lounge and next to the hairdressers.  


Aside from our website, we also have a Facebook group and a Facebook page, so please join/like! You can also follow us on twitter here

How can I get involved? 

In any shape or form.  The magazine itself is run by a nearly 40-headed editorial team throughout the year, but we are constantly on the lookout for talented writers, photographers, graphic designers, amateur sleuths, models or just generally people that can put up posters or carry boxes.
Firstly, sign up to our mailing list for free.
Secondly, contact  us. Our contact details can be found here:
Thirdly, attend a section meeting. Every section holds a meeting every week of the academic term; visit us on to find out more.




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Emma Heasman