Nightline is a non-judgemental, non-advisory, confidential and anonymous listening and information service, provided by students for students here at the University of Nottingham.


Why might I need Nightline?

You can contact us for information, to get something off your chest or just to chat about anything, nothing is too big or small. The service is completely confidential and anonymous as we cannot see any of your details no matter how you contact us. Whether you are stressed, worried about exams, having problems with friends or just want a chat, we are more than happy to listen.

When can I contact Nightline?

We're open from 7pm to 8am every night of term, and 24 hours during Welcome Week and exam periods. Our email service is open 365 days a year.

How can I contact Nightline?

Tel: 0115 951 4985

Int: 14985 (from UoN Hall Phones)


Instant Messaging:

Skype: 'nottingham.nightline'

We offer call forwarding via Skype to allow you to call us from Skype for free. The service simply redirects your call to our phone service, we will not know you are calling via Skype and will treat your call in exactly the same way. To call us via Skype:
1. Type ‘nottingham.nightline’ into the search bar.
2. Click ‘Add Contact’ then ‘Send Request’
3. Click on our profile picture
4. Click on the green ‘voice call’ button and wait for your call to be forwarded.
If you have already called us via Skype, simply search for nottingham.nightline, right click on our entry and click ‘Call’.
You may wish to remove us from your contacts and hide the conversation in your recent call list if you are concerned about anyone seeing that you have called Nightline. There is no way for our volunteers to see friend requests sent to nottingham.nightline.

How can I get involved?

We are completely student run and offer two types of volunteering opportunities;

  1. Listening volunteers: - please visit
  2. Publicity and Fundraising volunteers: - please visit





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Fundraising Officer
Samuel Donnelly
Eden Zara Campbell Scott
General Secretary
Ella Wilkinson
Information Officer
Imogen Parry
Marketing Officer
Hannah Faith Elizabeth Saunders
Publicity and Fundraising Volunteer Officer
Megan Cable
Publicity Officer
Bethan Khesro
Annabel Thomas
Rota Officer
Zoe Mackenzie
Katherine Grace Rowe
Jack Whitaker
Services Coordinator
Annika Bailey
Social Secretary
Madeleine Wyburd
Support Coordinator
Ameena Tahir
Technical Support
Danielle Ann Bowles
Training Officer
Damani Kohli
Sophie Fern McCluskey
Maisy Titterton
Matthew Anthony Simpson