Karnival is the University of Nottingham's student-run charity organisation, one of the largest in the country, and we raise record breaking amounts of money for good causes every year!

We’re a student-run service (SRS) which aims to fundraise as much money as we possibly can with the support of Nottingham students! We do this in many ways, running events for everyone on campus, from puppy rooms to speed dating to talent shows, and the occasional ocean night; we aim to put on events accessible to everyone.

We also support many charities by helping hundreds of students take on incredible challenges. Over the years we’ve sent people across the globe climbing Kilimanjaro, trekking Machu Picchu, cycling from London to Paris, and running European marathons, each raising thousands for charity, alongside experiencing the trip of a lifetime!

This year Karni is bringing you even more exciting opportunities; see breath taking views, tackling the largest mountain on earth, to reach Everest Base Camp. OR, explore Guatemala, taking on 5 volcanoes in 7 days, toasting marshmallows over lava and relaxing in natural thermal springs. We always endeavour to provide new and exciting experiences for everyone to get involved in.

As well as all the fundraising, Karnival aids the local community through our own volunteer work known as 'Kontact'. We send our volunteers on a variety of different events happening locally like fun runs, sports days, food collections and gardening projects – we hope to offer all students projects they feel the desire to support, giving back to the community whilst developing skills for life outside academia.

With all this on we’re still looking to the future and trying to expand what we do! We are hoping to launch numerous new welfare campaigns, improve our engagement with other SU clubs and societies and host more new events to expand Karni getting more people involved in our work than ever.

To find out more or get involved with us, sign up to our mailing list, contact us on our email: or contact us on our Twitter Page @NottsKarni
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