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We'll mostly communicate upcoming windsurf sessions and socials via the facebook page, so be sure to join.

Alternatively, hit up to get involved :)

Student Windsurfing

Student Windsurfing is a great getaway from university life. Whether you're a complete newcomer to the sport, or a literal pro, you'll have an incredible experience with us at UoN Windsurf. We'll be running beginners sessions where we can teach you from the ground up, and even get you qualified with the RYA. If you're more skilled, we'll be running regular sessions where you can free sail - and depending on numbers we might even host races in the club.

Socials and Events

We plan to have a variety of different socials for when the wind is shakey, but above all else the real joy of student windsurfing is the SWA. The Student Windsurfing Association is run by a bunch of ex-students from around the UK; it hosts weekend events at various universities with lessons, races, and amazing parties. You'll be exhausted for the whole week after, but as soon as you've recovered you'll immediately be wanting to hone your skills ready for the next event.

The Catch!

We have all our own equipment, but in return we ask a £30 membership fee and £3 for any session you attend, to help us maintain kit, pay for petrol, and grow the club. We're a super relaxed club so there's no need for any worries about joining a new club, just send us a message and we'll be more than happy to answer any questions. If you want to know more about the committee, hit this link.

Associate Membership (NTU students, graduates, other non-students)

It's no problem if you want to join us but aren't a student with UON! Just grab your associate membership here and windsurf membership here.



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Club Development Co-ordinator
Lyn Winkworth
Events and Welfare Officer
Connor Williamson
General Secretary
George Thomas Wilcockson
Rufus Dickinson
Jack David Feather
Emma Peacock
Zachary Peggs