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University of Nottingham Wakeboard and Waterski 
We meet at least once a week; whether spending the day riding boat and cable, or just  catching up socially at the pub, we are the least judgemental club out there. Everyone is welcome to attend as many of as few events as they wish, but they will always be part of the wake family. We are not competitive- you don't even need the David Ross sports membership!
We cater for Waterskiers and Wakeboarders alike, welcoming anyone who's interested: from those who have never even heard of the sports, to the most experienced riders. The club possesses a wide range of kit so we have eveything you'll need; and with expert FREE tuition from the committee and lake staff, even the most landbound of people will definitely to enjoy themselves on the water!


Find us on facebook! https://www.facebook.com/uonwakeboard/

Alternatively, contact us by email at lgyjb8@nottingham.ac.uk


 What is Wakeboarding or Waterskiing?


Wakeboarding is a combination of waterskiing, skateboarding and snowboarding by which someone is towed on a wakeboard behind a boat or a cable system. We ride at cables around the UK- Spring Lakes being our closest, only 15 minutes away in a local village, Long Eaton. And we ride boat at Cliff Lakes with the aim to visit a range of lakes round the UK for new experiences!

The cables we tend to ride at most are Spring Lakes, Sheffield and Box End all which have numerous obstacles suitable for begginers throwing their first spin or for the more advanced riders throwing technical mobes or inverts.




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Club Development Co-ordinator
Lyn Winkworth
Albert Gibbs
Charlotte Louise Adams
Wakeboard Captain
Jemima Ball
Waterski Captain
John James Charles Lewis