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Competition Structure

There are a plethora of opportunities for players of all abilities to don the #GreenAndGold colours and represent the university. Our single-gender divisions are part of BUCS, meaning there's the opportunity to earn those all-important points for the university. However, we also compete in non-BUCS events for beginners tournaments, mixed competitions, friendlies and the annual Varsity fixture! We enter indoor (5v5) and outdoor (7v7) competitions at regional and national levels. To find out more about the various competition opportunities click on any of the following or just keep scrolling:

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Beginners Tournaments

As the majority of ultimate players start playing at university, a team's intake is almost entierly people who have never played before. As a result of this, university teams host indoor tournaments at the beginning of the season in which only beginners (along with one experienced captain) can compete. These provide a fantastic opportunity for new players to try out the sport and get to know members of the club (we usually send an experienced team to compete in a parallel division). These run over the course of a weekend with an optional night out on the Saturday and accommodation provided by the hosting team. These tournaments are always great fun, just ask any of our current members about their beginner's tournament! We also host the nations only women's beginner's tournament right here in Nottingham! This is called NBWIn and it is being held on 16th November.


Each outdoor division is run by a slightly different format, from weekly leagues to Swiss Draw. Outdoor matches are played on a pitch measuring 100m x 37m (think of a narrow football or rugby pitch) with 18m deep endzones. Games will last 60–90mins at are played first to 15 points, though this target is reduced to the winning teams current score +1 after a certain time period (which varies between competitions) has elapsed.


We have two men's team which compete in the BUCS leagues which are contested via a series of Wednesday afternoon fixtures. After all regional league games have been played, teams qualify for the national championships depending on their finishing position. This is played in a tournament format over a weekend in late April. Our men's first team compete in Midlands 1A.

They regularly qualify for Nationals having won the BUCS Championship (Division 1) in 2016 and the BUCS Trophy (Division 2) in 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019. The squad currently contains two players who have competed for Great Britain; last year's captain George Gayton represented GB U24 Men at the 2018 World U24 Campionships in Perth, while club president Joel Miller represented the senior GB Men's team at the European Championships this July, where GB took home the gold medal!

Our second team compete in Midlands 2B. 

Our second team will be selected at the end of week 2, with opportunities to move up into this team avaliable thoughout the season. We encourage beginners to trial for this team as we take potential into account when selecting. Competing against other universities is a great way to develop your skills and begin your path towards becoming a high level player. Recently they've had success in the league, beating several universities first teams.


Our women's team will be competing in a tier 2 BUCS league similar to our men's 2nd team. However, their games will be split over two Saturdays - rather than being played weekly - playing 2-3 games at each event . The first of these being Saturday 9th November. The final finishing positions determine qualification for either Division 1 (BUCS Championship) or Division 2 (BUCS Trophy) Nationals. Our women's team regularly qualify for Nationals, finishing 3rd in the BUCS Trophy last season.

Our current women's squad also contains two players who have competed for Great Britain. Last year's captain and coach, Kat Cheng, played for GB U23 Women at the 2015 World U23 Championships in London and then went on to train with the senior GB Women's team for the 2015-16 season. More recently our women's coordinator and welfare officer, Maya Israel, played for GB U24 Women at the 2019 World U24 Championships which took place in July. In addition to this, she also played for the GB U17 Girls team at the European Youth Championships in 2015!

N.B. The U23 division was renamed U24 in 2017 ahead of the 2018 World U24 Championships.


Mixed ultimate is played with a gender ratio of 4:3 in favour of whichever gender chosen by the 'choosing' team (which alternates every point). In the mixed division there is only 1 outdoor competition per year; this is Mixed Outdoor Nationals. Teams from all over the country compete over a weekend in a big Swiss Draw competition. We aim to send 2 teams to this event, allowing everyone an opportunity to play.


All indoor divisions are run in the same format. Regional qualifier tournaments followed by the national championships. Indoor matches are played 5v5 on a court/pitch the same size as a handball court (40m x 20m) with 5m deep endzones, though generally games are played on basketball court sized pitches (30m x 15m) with 3m deep endzones due to space constaints at most venues (not an issue at DRSV though!). Games last around 20mins (depending on tournament rules) and are played to a time limit. 


Women's Indoor Regionals 2018 is being held on 23rd–24th November at th Wildcats Arena right here in Nottingham. We will be sending 2 teams and players of all abilities are welcome to play (mostlly university 2nd teams are mostly made of beginners).

Women's Indoor Nationals is a BUCS Championship event with BUCS points awarded to teams finishing in the top 16. It is being held on 8th–9th February at the Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility in Glasgow. 


Men's Indoor Regionals 2018 is being held on 16th–17th November at The Edge Sports Centre in Leeds. We send anywhere between 3 and 5 teams to this event, giving all our beginners a great introduction to competitive university ultimate!

Men's Indoor Nationals is split into two divisions. Division 1 is a BUCS Championship event with BUCS points awarded to the top 16 teams, while Division 2 is a BUCS sanctioned event but with no BUCS point awarded. Both divisions are being held on 15th–16th February at Oriam in Edinburgh. 


Mixed Indoor Regionals 2018 is beign held on 26th-27th October and, like Men's Regionals, is also being held right here in Nottingham at the Wildcats Arena! We send 2 teams to this event and again beginners are encouraged to take part if they would like to.

Mixed Indoor Nationals is also split into Division 1 and Division 2. However, mixed ultimate is not run under BUCS. Both divisions are being held on 30th November–1st December at seperate venues. 



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