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Welcome to the University of Nottingham Ultimate Club

Ultimate is a fast paced limited-contact sport which is rapidly increasing in popularity. We compete in Men's, Women's and Mixed divisions (see our competitions page for more info) and aim to cater to the full range of players. We offer fun commitment free sessions aimed at teaching fundamentals, as well as high intensity sessions as we aim to compete amoung the best teams in the country. 

What is Ultimate?

Ultimate is an exciting, limited-contact team sport played by thousands all over the world in both single gender and mixed gender divisions, at levels ranging from recreational to the World Games. The objective of the game is for a team to score more goals than their opponent, by completing passes into an endzone. Meanwhile players on the opposing team will attempt to block or intercept any passes made. Ultimate is self-officiated at all levels; this means that players pledge to be fair, honest and must resolve any on pitch disputs themselves. Below is an infographic highlighting some of the key rules.

Training Times:


We have 2 sessions a week which are part of the Engage program. These sessions mixed gender and are open to anyone of any ability. If you don't have a sports centre membership you can still attend these sessions for £3 per session (otherwise they're free!):
Thursdays 17:00–18:30, Jubilee 3G (Outdoors)
Fridays 17:00–18:30, DRSV Sports Hall (Indoors)


Our Women's sessions (Mondays 21:00–22:30, DRSV Sports Hall (Indoors) and Tuesdays 17:00–19:00, Jubilee 3G (Outdoors)) are open to all our female members and are run by our female head coach. 


All of our members may attend our Mixed outdoor session (Tuesdays 07:30–9:00, Jubilee 3G) and Skills Clinic (Thursdays 18:30–19:30, Jubilee 3G). These sessions are aimed at intermediate level players and will teach slightly more advanced concepts. However, keen beginners are welcome and encouraged to come along!


Finally our Men's sessions (Wednesdays 20:00–21:00, Jubilee Sports Hall (Indoors) and Fridays 21:00–22:30, DRSV 3G (Outdoors)) are invite only and are aimed primarily at our Men's 1st team. If you're intereseted in playing for our Men's outdoor 1st team this year you can come along to the Men's squad trial as well as the session during freshers week (beginners with sporting backgrounds are encouraged to come along if they're interested in playing competitive ultimate). If you have played ultimate before and are interested in playing for our Men's indoor 1st team, please contact Kat Cheng or Peter Garnett.


Our standard membership is £20 for the year, this is required to attend our mixed and women's sessions as well as to compete in any competitions.

Men's training squad membership is £30 for the year, which is required for members who are selected for this squad.

With the exception of our Engage sessions, UoN sports and fitness membership is required to be part of our club.

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Kiri Madhani
Events Co-ordinator
Hannah Booth
Men's Co-ordinator and Welfare Officer
Kye Wen Leem
Joel Sebastian Arthur Miller
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Women's Co-ordinator and Welfare Officer
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