Softball and Baseball

What is Baseball?

Baseball, America's great past-time!

Baseball is a traditional American game, with great ballparks such as Fenway Park in Boston or Wrigley Field in Chicago as iconic landmarks to baseballs 200 year history. 

A baseball team is made up of 9 players; a pitcher, a catcher, four infielders and 3 outfielders. The pitching is done over-arm and from a small mound, giving you far more control over the speed and direction of the ball. It also allows you to throw more exciting pitches, such as curve balls and even the infamous knuckle ball. 

Once you reach base you can steal bases. This can be a high risk/high reward play to run to the next base while the pitcher is throwing the ball. If the fielders manage to tag you with the ball before you get on a base you're out, so be quick! 

There are 3 main ways to get batters out:

1) Strikeout - As a batter, 3 strikes and you're out!!! You get strikes by swinging and missing a pitch, or if a pitch passes through the strike zone (an imaginary box between the batters knee and shoulders). If you hit the ball outside the diamond, a 'foul ball', that is also called a strike, however you cannot be out on foul ball strikes. 

2) 'Fly' Out - If a batter hits the ball in the air and it is caught by a fielder before it bounces the batter is out.

3) 'Ground' Out - If a batter hits the ball along the ground and the fielder's manage to get the ball to the base the batter is running to before the batter arrives they are called out. The batter can also be 'tagged' with the ball by the fielders, and if they are not on a base they are out. 

Don't worry if it seems confusing! Come along to training and someone will happily answer any questions you have. 



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