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Welcome to the University of Nottingham Softball and Baseball Club.

Welcome to a club that balances a light-hearted environment with playing high level sport. From total beginner to self-proclaimed professional we accept all! So why not try your hand at something a little different? 



Wednesday 20:30 – 22:30 Jubilee Campus 3G pitch

Saturday 15:00-17:00 pm Jubilee Campus 3G pitch

Girls Baseball 

Saturday 14:00-15:00pm Jubilee Campus 3G pitch


Sunday 13:30 – 15:30pm Jubilee Campus 3G pitch


We have 3/4 depending on number competitive teams who compete in the following leagues / competitions:

National competition twice a year for both Softball and Baseball.

M1ST – University baseball tournament held at Loughborough

EMIC – University softball tournament hosted by ourselves

Local East Midlands Softball League

British University Softball and Baseball Leagues (BUBL and BUSL)

Additional activities


Softball and Baseball run a number of socials throughout the year, offering both socials involving drinking and non-drinking. Socials in the past have included everything from a night out at Ocean all the way to pub quizzes at the local to bowling and laser tag.

End of year social for Softball and baseball, however, is legendary. Each year the club goes all out after exams are done and spends a day in a big club social, culminating in the club awards ceremony

2015 – Paintballing

2016 – Zorb football

2017 - Zorb football

2018 - Zorb football

Interested in Softball or Baseball?

Want to try your hand at a rapidly growing University sport from across the pond. Want to get involved in a club that is going to push the intensity and development of both Softball and Baseball in the UK. Nottingham Softball and Baseball club is right for you then. Either play for the Softball team, Baseball team or both!

All skill levels are welcomed equally, be you a seasoned pro or have never even heard of the sport before university! We pride ourselves on our warm, welcoming nature and increasingly intense style of play. Both baseball and softball now have established A team and B teams so have something for all levels of ability! That’s not to say you won’t develop into a rally good player just by training with us; we have dedicated coaches for both softball and baseball which is something very few universities can offer and most of our A teams all started playing whilst they were at University

The main focus of our season comes down to two national tournaments against some of the best UK universities have to offer. However, there is now an established university baseball league and a brand new to 2017/18 season university softball league so we never have a shortage of games to play!

In between there are a number of league games against local sides and other Universities as well as friendlies. There are big plans for both Softball and Baseball, not only at the University but across the UK, so it is an exciting time to be a part of the club. If you have any questions about the different sports check out our pages, or send us an email.

Find us on:

Twitter: @UoNSoftball

Facebook: UoNSoftballBaseball

or Email:

Instagram: UoNSoftballBaseball



The UoN softball team is one of the most established in the country and every year goes from strength to strength. In 2014 and 2017 we won National University Softball Championships.

However, we pride ourselves on our ability to give everyone a chance. We have two established teams for nationals with the B team as well as a team entered into the British University Softball League. On top of this we enter into the East Midlands Softball League at the beginning of summer giving loads of opportunity to get involved.

We also regularly get involved with university’s Engage programme, running beginner sessions often towards the end of the academic year.

Above all though, we have the infamous North vs South Match before Christmas every year. After a contentious tie in 2015, the North managed to secure victory in 2016. There is nothing but pride on the line, but this is often the most contested and competitive game of the year as each side of the country tries to prove it is better

All are welcome, any time of the year!



The UoN Thieves are one of the most established baseball teams in the country, regularly being competitive at both National University Baseball Championship events and the British University Baseball League.

Baseball is the more competitive aspect of the club, as compared to softball’s participation driven style and as a result has developed a B team to compete in the university league alongside the Thieves. New players are always encouraged to give it a go, baseball is the kind of sport that anyone can turn their hand to and prove to be a good player given enough time. The vast majority of our current team members all began playing whilst at university so why not give it a go?

We pride ourselves on combining a relaxed atmosphere with consistent and competitive performances and compete in many matches throughout the year, be it through the new B team or the Thieves themselves.                           


As a club we work hard towards the UoN Welfare in Sport mantra and have a specific committee role assigned to work solely on this within the club.





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