Welcome to the University of Nottingham Skydiving Club!

Welcome Freshers, Returners, and Alumni, to the world of skydiving! 

We train 200 newbies each year and then throw them out of a plane. Some of them have even gone on to win British National Championship medals!



What is skydiving?

Skydiving is one of the most extreme sports clubs that the University of Nottingham has to offer. Yes, you read that correctly, skydiving is a sport! Skydiving is a versatile and exciting sport that involves you throwing yourself out of a plane, making silly faces at your friends in freefall, and enjoying beautiful views on your parachute ride. 

I've never skydived before, can I still join?

99% of our members have never skydived before they joined the club. You don't need any experience to join us, the qualified instructors at our local drop zone ensure that you're ready to jump! 

What equipment do I need to skydive?

Whilst you're learning to skydive the local dropzone provides kit for you to jump. Once you have qualified you will have access to over £25,000 that the club owns! Just make sure you wear clothes you can move around in (and plenty of layers, especially in December!)

How do I learn to skydive?

Beginners can do a RAPS weekend intro course. This weekend includes a full day of ground training, equipment hire, your first solo skydive and a full debrief from your instructor. This is an amazing deal that shouldn't be missed!

Alternatively, there's also an AFF intro course. This course is similar to RAPS and you receive the same qualification at the end. The main difference is that you receive in-air coaching by two qualified instructors. For more information on the differences go to our deposits page.

How much does it cost?

Right now will be the cheapest you'll EVER be able to skydive. Our RAPS weekend intro course including transport and accommodation costs just £190 which is an incredible discount on normal prices! Your first jump is included in this price and the second is half price (£20!) 

Once you've completed your introduction course, everything gets MUCH cheaper. Qualified jumps are just £17 and £15 on Fridays!

Need 7 compelling reasons to sign up?

1) You live 20 minutes from Europe's busiest dropzone.

2) You will be apart of one of the largest university skydiving clubs in the UK. 

3) Cheap and regular transport from Uni Park & Lenton.

4) Our subsidies are amongst the best in the UK.

5) Jump for £17 a jump once qualified: less than a night out!

6) The price of equipment is all that really makes the sport prohibitive. Which is why we have access to over £25,000 of equipment which you can use as a member.

7) Skydiving is the most incredible thing you'll ever do: and it doesn't even matter if you have a fear of heights.


If you have any further questions or you're interested in a tandem skydive then please contact us



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