What’s Korfball? With Dutch origins, best described as a mix between netball and basketball, it is the only mixed gender sport where players alternate between attacking and defending. Allowing everyone a chance to shoot. It’s a sport for all with the socials being a fantastic addition to the club. As a mixed team sport, we host some of the best socials here at Nottingham. We’re a laid-back club, welcoming new members throughout the year in welcome week and through our Engage programme.

University of Nottingham Korfball Club has 5 teams to cater for all abilities and commitment levels. (Don’t worry if you can’t commit to weekly training or matches, we’ve got you covered!) Our teams play in local leagues and travel to fun-filled weekend tournaments. UoN Korfball always shines in BUCS events; with our first team continually finishing in the top four teams in the country at the National Championships. Our second and third teams also have the opportunity to win BUCS points allowing us to shine as a club even more. So, if you’d like to be part of one of the nation’s most successful university clubs in Korfball, come and have a go!


You can find us at the Welcome Fair on Monday 23rd of September and Tuesday 24th of September at the David Ross Sports Village. 

Sutton Bonnington Wednesday 25th of Septemeber 

You can also find out about all sport activities during Welcome Week at www.nottingham.ac.uk/sport/welcome.

We are hosting taster sessions for anyone who’d like to try Korfball 

Tuesday 1st October 18:00-20:00 (Hall A Jubaliee)
Thursday 3rd October 16:30-18:30 (Hall A DRSV)
Sunday 6th October 18:30-20:30 (Hall A DRSV) 

with a social afterwards at Mooch (on the Sunday)!

We recommend you arrive a few minutes early to find the halls at David Ross Sports Village. (Hall A is to the left and Hall D is to the right!) Please wear normal sports clothes and trainers, bring a bottle of water!

This is free-of-charge and all are welcome –it doesn’t matter if you’ve never played before! Nearly all haven’t when it comes to Korfball!

We’re also part of the Engage programme so you can try Korfball any Monday at 8pm -9pm (DRSV Hall A), for free if you have sports and fitness membership or just a small charge if you don’t. Visit www.nottingham.ac.uk/sport/engage for more information.


Our club does not hold trials for team placings. During the first few weeks of training our coaches continuously assess players abilities and will choose players based on their potential. Don’t worry if you’ve never played the sport before, the coaches know this. (And nearly every fresher has never even heard of the sport before!) They are only looking at your potential and players do pick up the sport quickly.


Membership fees for our club are tiered for the 18/19 academic year. Social Membership is £25. This includes all training sessions for 5th team, club socials and near-weekly matches played in our local East Midlands Korfball League 2. BUCS Membership is £55. This includes all of the above with training times allocated to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th team slots. Plus, accommodation costs at the BUCS tournaments throughout the year and transport to and from the BUCS tournament venues. Performance Squad Membership is £70. This is only for our 1st team players and includes all of the above plus 1st team benefits of strength & conditioning classes, sport psychology and nutrition help.

Please note, that UoN sports and fitness membership is also required to be part of our club. Early Bird membership is available until 2nd of October and for £209 includes the following:

  • Access to the new £40 million David Ross Sports Village
  • Three fully-equipped fitness suites
  • Over a hundred weekly group exercise classes
  • 25m pool
  • Indoor sports halls and squash courts

Visit www.nottingham.ac.uk/sport/join for more details.


We have 5 competitive teams who compete in the following leagues / competitions:

1st Team – BUCS and CERL 1
2nd Team – BUCS and EMKA 1
3rd Team – BUCS and EMKA 1
4th Team – BUCS EMKA 2
5th Team - EMKA 2

We have 3 tournaments throughout the year for BUCS. Preliminaries, Regionals and Nationals. These are weekend competitions where our teams stay at hotels across the country and are one of the highlights of our year!

All players in our competitive BUCS teams are required to have good attendance in training every week. (2 weekly sessions – total of 3 hours training time). We also expect BUCS players to attend BUCS tournaments (as hotel and travel costs are included in your membership!)

Can’t commit?

Don’t worry! If you don’t think you’d be able to play every week and yet still would like to belong to a sports club here at the Uni, UoN Korfball can cater for this! Our 5th team is a laid-back squad with minimal commitment that is still fully integrated into the club and they’re always present at our socials! 


1st team training: Monday 21:00-22:30 (DRSV Hall A) // Tuesday 19:30-21:30 (Jubilee Hall 1)

2nd team training: Monday 21:00-22:30 (DRSV Hall A) // Tuesday 18:00-19:30 (Jubilee Hall 1)

3rd team training: Tuesday 7:00-9:00 (DRSV Hall B) // Thursday 17:30-18:30 (DRSV Hall A)

4th team training: Tuesday 7:00-9:00 (DRSV Hall B) // Thursday 17:30-18:30 (DRSV Hall A)

5th team training: Wedesday 7:30-9:00 (DRSV Hall A) // Satuday 9:30-11:00 (DRSV Hall C) 


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