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You can find us at the Welcome Fair on Monday 23 September and Tuesday 24 September at the David Ross Sports Village. 

You can also find out about all sport activities during Welcome Week at www.nottingham.ac.uk/sport/welcome.


We are hosting FREE taster sessions for anyone who’d like to try Jiu Jitsu on these dates and times:


Sunday 29th September, 12-2pm, Dojo, David Ross Sports Village

Wednesday 2nd October, 6-8pm, Studio, Jubilee Sports Center

Friday 4th October, 6-8pm, Dojo, David Ross Sports Village

All abilities are welcome!


Membership for the academic year 2019/20 is £7.50 (more info on memberships tab to the left).

Please note, that UoN sports and fitness membership is also required to be part of our club. Student membership is available for the price of £229, and includes the following:

- Access to the new £40 million David Ross Sports Village

- Three fully equipped fitness suites

- Over 100 weekly group exercise classes

- 25m swimming pool

- Indoor sports halls and squash courts



A modern form of traditional Japanese martial art Jiu Jitsu, a defensive art which uses joint locks, throws and strikes to defend from a variety of different attacks.  Jiu Jitsu has been adapted to take into account self defence situations commonly encountered today e.g. punching attacks and pub brawl type situations.  In addition, we teach a variety of traditional components such as impressive throws.

We are part of an International organisation The Jiu Jitsu Foundation which includes clubs located all over UK, Europe, Canada, South Africa and others countries.


YOU can start Jiu Jitsu - it is suited to anyone whether you want to get a bit more fit, find another way to exercise, socialise, learn some cool moves and of course learn some self defence!  We have a brilliant and friendly training environment taught by two female Sensei (teachers) and a wide range of grades available on the mat.

Everybody starts as a novice and, with persistent training, can progress up the ranks and earn their next belts.  Although we train hard and get great rewards from it, everybody trains at their own pace.  It can be daunting to start a new sport, but there is lots of support and our instructors are experienced,

Aside from training within the club, we attend Regional and National training sessions taught by some of the highest instructors of our style.  Twice a year, we attend Nationals where we compete in friendly inter-grade competitions and bring medals back home!  This is where you can see what persistent training achieves, especially when all the black belts show off their amazing abilities! It is also a great opportunity to socialise with Jitsuka from all over the country, which includes almost every university in the UK!

Outside of training, we organise regular socials and catch ups.  After training we go to grab a drink at Mooch.  Regionals and Nationals are also a great place to meet people from other universities and train with them, you really end up meeting lots of new people!


Wednesday 6-8pm at Jubilee Sports Centre, Studio 

Friday 6-8pm at David Ross Sports Village, Dojo

Sunday 12-2pm at David Ross Sports Village, Dojo

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uonjiujitsu

Twitter: @uonjiujitsu

Instagram: uonjiujitsu



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Club Development Co-ordinator
Lyn Winkworth
Simon Stuart Bellows
Social Secretary
David Atifede Eso
James Arnold Carr
Vice President
Jared Allen
Welfare Officer
Fiona Kemm