What happens on a typical day?


So you've bought your membership and have signed up, now what happens?

Before the gliding:

We meet on the steps of the Portland building at 7:45am on the day you are going and then travel together to RAF Cranwell. This journey will take about 50 minutes so either bring something to do or enjoy the company of your fellow travellers (most aren't that bad!)

At the airfield you will get a photo pass from the guardroom to allow you on the base. This is where your driver's license or other ID is essential. We will then walk over to the North Airfield where the club is based and your duty committee member will show you around, give you a short safety briefing and ask you to fill out a Cranwell membership form.

Airfield etiquette:

At this time you will notice a flurry of activity going on, this will be the members of Cranwell gliding club and more experienced members of the university getting everything ready. Feel free to help out (in fact we encourage it!) Anything that you are unsure about just ask.

We're now on the airfield and all set up, so when will I get my turn? Be patient, everybody here wants to get a chance in the air and hopefully everyone will, just offer a hand every now and again to keep the operations flowing smoothly.

Food is available to purchase while on the airfield as well as tea, coffee, and other drinks.

Going gliding:

Now it's your turn to get airbourne so what should you expect? Firstly you will be matched with a very nice instructor who will introduce themself and try to get to know you. They will help you put on your parachute and get in the glider and talk you through what you'll be getting up to.

On the first flight you will be given an aerotow launch and the instructor will show you around the local area and give you a look at some basic aspects of flying the glider, with some hands on practice as well.

We operate by both aerotow and winch launching. In order to get the most people flown we get first flights completed by aerotow and move on to winch launching as your training progresses. 

Back on the ground:

I'm finished now so I'm done for the day, right? Actually while you may have finished there are probably still others yet to fly so keep helping out to keep things running smoothly.

At the end of the day the airfield will start to be packed away, again feel free to help out especially if someone asks for help. Once everything is away we will all head to the bar for a drink and a chat, it's at this point that you pay for your flights (Card payment preferred). The price for your first visit should be about £30, however this depends on what flight options you choose on the day.

Then we'll all head back to Nottingham where you will be dropped off at the Portland building. Typically we will get back at about 8pm but this can vary.





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