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UoN SU CalSoc

(The University of Nottingham Students' Union Calisthenics Society)


Chances are... either have no idea what Calisthenics means, or you know exactly what we are all about and cannot wait to join!


If you belong to the first group, give us 3 minutes of your attention and we shall make you belong to the second group – hello to you guys, by the way.



You surely have come across a set of green fitness bars on campus, for example in front of Hallward Library or University Park Sports Centre.


If you took the time to observe, you would notice that during the week, a group of people meets at these bars to do some exercise there – Calisthenics.

We are this group! CalSoc.




Calisthenics (we use this term and the term street workout interchangeably) in Greek means ‘beautiful strength’ and was first made popular in New York, drawing from military workout routines and some gymnastics exercises, which were blended into individual routines and expanded by a set of new movements and combinations. 


Whilst Street Workout has already gained great popularity in France, the BeNeLux, as well as  Eastern European countries, we experience a continuously increasing interest for our niche approach on fitness, emphasising on the community and fun aspect of training, rather than solely on performance, gains and progress, which, however, still happens along the way.


Aims and Activity

We want to approach and support all students interested in Street Workout, Calisthenics, outdoor bodyweight fitness – whatever they want to call it. 
Hence, our main target group, on the one hand, is students who want to try something new, or who want to balance out their usual gym-based workout. To those, we can offer a fresh take on exercise, as well as fresh air, far away from the sometimes isolated and confusing atmosphere of bodybuilding, supplements and cardio.


On the other hand, we want to attract people, who have never engaged in any sort of fitness, and show them, that it is great fun!

In short, by running social training sessions and guiding beginners into sensible alternative routines, we can combine a pleasant sense of community with a post-modern way of engaging in  sports, encouraging all sorts of people to exercise, some of who otherwise would not…


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Free Taster Sessions

If you are not sure, whether to join us, just come along anyway. You can participate up to three times, before we will ask you to buy the membership.


(You should be able to buy an associate membership, next year too.)





Instagram: uon_calsoc


Facebook page: uoncalsoc

Facebook group: UoN Calisthenics (Street Workout) Society




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General Secretary
Arif Zakimi Bin Johann
Jacob Smith
Social and Welfare Officer
Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed Bait Othman
Amogh Atul Kanvinde
Zacki Ziane
Christos Kora