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What is gliding? What’s the club all about?

Gliding is a sport with ultimate freedom. On a day at the airfield you could use the suns energy to fly hundreds of kilometres, practice silent aerobatic manoeuvres, race around the sky in competitions or explore the air above the country in ways you might have never thought possible.

University of Nottingham gliding club is one of the best in the country with a world champion in our alumni and great records at the inter university competition each year. We fly at weekends with our host club, RAF Cranwell, whose experienced instructors will be able to give you all the skills and encouragement you need to learn to fly solo and then use the sky to go wherever you want to go.

We do several expeditions and have a buzzing social calendar with events like pub crawls, parties at the airfield and nights out to go see the fireworks or goose fair. Beginners and old boys alike can come to Scotland each Easter to fly in the hills (check out the video!), compete in the inter university competition over the summer and we also take members to fly in national winter series competitions.

Can I learn to fly? Isn’t it really expensive?

Absolutely anyone can join the club regardless of experience – even students afraid of flying have found they can do it and with training in the two seater gliders it’s no harder than learning to drive a car. It’s also not just for the rich and famous, at £5 a flight in our gliders it’s one of the cheapest places in the country to even give it a go just once. A days gliding carries no more risk than the drive to the airfield as the sport has a very good safety record, especially for local and instructed flights.

How do I get stuck in?

All you need to do once you’ve joined is come along to C40 in the Trent Building at 7:30pm on Tuesdays to get your name down on the flying list for that weekend, followed by Mooch. You can ask us any questions there and we’ll sort out a lift for you so you can get to the airfield which is 50mins away.

On the day you come out, you can expect to find yourself at the steps outside Portland at 7:45 (that’s am!!), help look after the gliders, get stuck into running an airfield, meet new people, make new friends and of course get up into the sky!

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See you in the air!

(Just so you’re aware, you’ve got to be a full member before you come out for insurance!)




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Gliding Gliding trip to Portmoak (Scotland)
31st March 9am - 8th April 6pm
Portmoak, Scotland
Our annual trip to Scotish Gliding Center in Portmoak! Make the best use of your Easter break by going gliding with us! Amazing site, far different from Cranwell thanks to its ridge you can soar on for hours. Dates: 31st of March till 8th of April
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Thomas James Middleton
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