Intramural Sport (IMS)

Internal leagues and tournaments

The University of Nottingham boasts one of the largest programmes of intramural sport (IMS) in the country. Intramural sport is sport played between students at the University, and teams are generally made up from halls, societies or just a group of friends.

Each week over 260 teams and 3,200 students compete in 13 different sports played every day of the week, across all our sports venues. A summary of the leagues on offer are listed below. 

For more information about each of the sports you can sign up for and how to get involved visit the UoN IMS website.


IMS Leagues 

  • Basketball - Mixed, Sunday League
  • Netball - Sat, Sun and Wed League
  • Football - 11 a-side Super League, Sat, Sun and Wed League
  • Football - 11 a-side Standard League, Sat, Sun and Wed League
  • Football - 7 a-side, Sunday and Wednesday Leagues
  • Football (Ladies) 7 a-side - Sunday Leagues
  • Futsal – Sunday and Monday Leagues
  • Hockey - Sunday League
  • Rugby Union - Wednesday League
  • Tennis Weekly Leagues
  • Squash Weekly Leagues
  • Badminton Weekly Leagues
  • Table Tennis Weekly Leagues
  • Touch Rugby Sunday League

IMS one day competitions

  • Tennis
  • Squash "Big Hit"
  • Badminton
  • Volleyball
  • Dodgeball

For more information, contact our IMS Chair Lois O’Toole at e:

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