Affiliation Process

Societies Council is the body that oversees everything to do with Societies at the University of Nottingham. It meets around 5 times a year and is made up of all the current Presidents of Societies along with the Societies Council Committee.  It is a democratic body that decides on the policies that govern how societies run and discusses issues that effect societies as a whole. Groups that want to become official Students Union Societies will have to present their case at Council who then vote on whether or not they can set up – a process known as affiliation.

Visual Summary of the Process

Before you go to Council

You should go to the Students’ Union website to check if there is already a society which has similar aims and objectives to your group. If there is, then we would suggest that you talk to them about your ideas and see if there is a way that you can work together.

Compulsory Documents and Meeting with Activities Officer & Development Co-ordinator

Before the meeting, there are a number of things you must complete.

  1. Write the aims and objectives of your group – which will later form part of your group’s constitution. 
  2. The names and details of at least three people who will make up the committee of the society.
  3. A list of 25 current University of Nottingham Students who have committed to joining the society.
  4. After meeting with the Activities Officer you will be given a link for your members to pay their membership fees on-line.  All 25 members must pay their membership fees before your new society can go to Council.

 Pay New Society Membership Fees Here

Links to these documents are here:

Constitution template
Membership List 

Membership Fees Form

These documents should be completed and uploaded along with further details about your proposed society to the
New Group Affiliation Form

Once you have completed this form and sent this to us, you will be contacted to arrange a meeting with the Activities Officer and the relevant member of staff.

You aims & objectives will be discussed at the meeting and you will be advised if any changes need to be made.

If you are successfully affiliated (see below process) you will also have to complete a Risk Assessment after you have undergone your committee training.


Societies Council Committee

The Committee will meet to discuss your proposal, and will decide if your proposed society can go to council.  Reasons they may reject your proposal:

· Your aims & objectives are similar to another society

· Your aims & objectives conflict with Students’ Union Policy

If Societies Council Committee agree with your proposal they will recommend it goes to Societies Council.  If they reject your proposal, they will explain their reasons

Societies Council

If your idea is approved by Societies Council Committee it will go forward to Societies Council. You will be asked to submit a one-minute speech, which will be read for you at Council.

Council will then vote by secret ballot on whether your group will become a Society. You can usually expect to hear the result within 48 hours of Council.


If your proposal is rejected by Societies Council Committee, you can appeal this decision and take your proposal to Societies Council. You should write a one-minute speech explaining to Council why you think your society should be affiliated. Societies Council Committee will also write a one-minute speech explaining why they have rejected your proposal. Members of Societies Council will then vote on the proposal, but be prepared to answer any questions they might ask. Societies Council’s decision is final and you may not appeal again.

After Affiliation

After Affiliation we will set you up with a web page, bank account, and allow you to book rooms.  However you must submit a Risk Assessment for your group's activities, to ensure they are fully insured.   The form can be found here.  Your President, Secretary and Treasurer must also attend compulsory training.  To book onto training, please go here

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