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The Cascade Grant celebrates a relationship between the Campaigns Alumni Relations Office and your Students’ Union. The Cascade Grants Programme uses donations from alumni and friends of the University to support projects which directly enhance the experience of students. These projects may be academic, pastoral or extracurricular, or enhance student outreach or community activities.

Projects funded by Cascade must help to demonstrate to alumni and others the importance of their support and the difference their donations make. By regularly communicating the impact of these projects, it is intended that the Cascade Grants Programme will celebrate philanthropy and encourage more alumni and friends of the University to contribute.

The average grant awarded by the Cascade Grants Programme will be no more than £10,000. In exceptional circumstances, however, a grant of up to £25,000 may be made available, for example to projects which benefit an unusually large number of students.

The opportunity to apply to the Cascade grant is time sensitive, there are three application deadlines throughout the year, these usually fall at the end of November, February and May but make sure you contact us to avoid missing one.