The Committee 2017/18

Women's Officer-  Ruby Harrison

General Secretary - Ciara Berry

Zine Editor - Grace Dalaigh-Taylor

Events Coordinator - Annabella Qian Hui Sim

Events Coordinator - Mollie Lewington

BME Committee Member - Nina-Che Bousquet

Publicity Coordinator - Flo Fowler


The role of committee members

The Students' Union's Women's Officer is the representative for all women* within the Students' Union. They work to improve the student experience of women* students by running events and campaigning on issues of concern, interest and relevance.

The Students' Union's Women's* Network is chaired by the Women's Officer and seeks to bring women* students together. It is organised by the Women's* Network Committee, who take the lead in organising events, campaigns and supporting female students in all areas of university life.

If you might be interested in standing for election as Women's Officer next year (elections take place in March), please contact Ruby May Harrison, Women's Officer at


For more information about the role of committee members, or the Network in general, you can find this information in the Women's Network Constituion (click here for the document). 

Women's* Network



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BME Representative
Samaira Saleem
Events Coordinator
Vu Uyen Nhi Kieu
Leticia Vieira Richards
General Secretary
Lucy Fossett
Rachel Yih Mun Woo
Women's Officer
Delphine Avraam