Who are we?


UNICEF is a proactive, charitable society on campus which is affiliated with the global children’s society, UNICEF. Our society aims to raise money and awareness through fun, social and innovative fundraisers.


What is UNICEF?


UNICEF is the United Nations Children’s Fund, a leading global humanitarian and development agency that works to uphold the rights of every child. UNICEF now operates in 190 countries and territories! UNICEF’s goal and our goal as a society is to help and raise money for children across the globe, especially those who have disadvantaged and marginalised lives. UNICEF aims to ensure every child has rights to survival, education, health care, shelter, good nutrition, safe water and protection from war and disaster, which are often threatened by poverty, violence and discrimination.


Get involved!


This year we are looking for new and energetic students to join our team and help us with creative ways of communicating our message to the University. If you are interested in joining please be sure to send us a message on our Facebook page (Unicef UoN) or send us an email! Alternatively, you can find us at the Fresher’s fair where you can have a chat with our friendly committee members in person!


Our committee still has a few positions open, so if you feel passionate about UNICEF feel free to drop us a message!


What has been done in previous years


In previous years UNICEF society has fundraised through football tournaments, bake sales, pub quizzes, as well as great success with Live Sessions. We also help raise awareness for UNICEF through school workshops and have ties with local primary schools.


What is palnned for next year

We aim to organise bake sales and live sessions focusing on different unicef projects. As well as doing fundraisers in the city center during the holidays. Thus far the most exciting project will be organised by our members who will have an opportunity to promote their fundraising ideas  and organise their own events for the cause they aspire to promote.




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Events Secrerary
Madeleine Foster
Fundraising Secretary
Tessa Oceane Mbaguta
General Secretary
Dounia Crivelli
Marketing secretary
Saria Elamin
Jiacheng Zhang
Konstantin Strasser