Travel Society

Welcome to Travel Society!

Is traveling your passion? Are you looking for an adventure? Do you want to meet new people and see what is out there? Or you just need a break? to travel with us can be the perfect solution!

Who are we?
The committee is dedicated to organising fun-filled and affordable trips around the UK and Europe. This can be a day trip; weekend getaway or week-long holiday, see our calendar for semester 1 and 2 below: 

6th October-Oxford
13th October-Cambridge
20th October-Manchester
3th to 4th November-Bath&Stonehenge
17th November-Liverpool
1st December-Stratford upon Avon
16th to 23rd December-Winter European Trip


Why you should join Travel Society?

Travel Society is for everyone but we offer discounted day trip tickets to members. Some trips are exclusively members only so join now! Members can also participate in our photo competition for a chance to win a ticket for our next day trip!

For more information, please like our Facebook page!

9th February-Warwick (*NEW changes)
16th February-York
2nd to 3rd March-Lake District
22nd to 24th March-Edinburgh
13th to 20th April-Morocco