The Global Society

Meeting new people.. discovering incredible cultures.. trying various foods.. gaining broader perspectives of the world.. and ultimately bring home and international students together. These are just some of the central principles The Global Society is founded upon.
Open to each and every University of Nottingham student, the society will host an array of exciting social events throughout the year such as mixer events on and off campus. As a society member you will be able to partake in these events as well as sporting sessions and tournaments, celebrations of various international holidays, UoNSU society collaborations and showpiece events such as our widely anticipated Global Fashion Show and more!
We feel the university is about your personal experience as well as your degree and know we can make it as great as possible, together.
So why wait? Keep up to date with society news through our social media channels and join the society to reap the benefits!
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Charlie Wilkinson
Publicity Officer
Sophia Maryam Ismail
Carlos Alejandro Corral Mena
Gro Wen Low