Nottingham Tamil Society


Nottingham Tamil Society is a society that aims to connect the Tamil diaspora with those captivated by the ideas and traditions of Tamil culture. We thrive on displaying our rich heritage to all our members, regardless of their cultural origin, through a wide variety of social gatherings and performances. These include Gaana (a popular Tamil Folk Dance), Indian Classical Music and sports teams. As the Tamil community stretches across a wide spectrum of countries, such as Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and India, the Nottingham Tamil Society seeks to enrich members with an abundance of knowledge regarding our cultural norms and variety of different histories, religions, festivals, and beliefs surfacing from the different countries.

As a society, we aim to explore all aspects of Tamil culture through our wide range of events. For example, we host regular movie nights which aim to introduce our members to Tamil cinema, a huge foundation upon which our modern culture is based. Members are encouraged to research into Tamil cinema and vote for their favourite movie, thereby generating general interest in the activity itself. Our ‘Games Night’ has chosen to be very popular with members in showcasing ‘Carrom Board’, a cultural board game alongside our exquisite range of food. Stronger relationships are built and greater teamwork skills are developed by our sports teams, with both our football team and netball team being successful in a recent inter-university competition. We also aim to promote the celebration of cultural and religious festivities such as Pongal, Diwali and the Tamil New Year where we serve food and educate them about the significance of these festivals.


Our other aims lie in collaborating and interacting with members of other universities’ Tamil Societies. This includes hosting our own clubbing events alongside attending those of other universities to partake in charity events and having several guest speakers from other universities, societies and organisations such as the ‘Marrow - Anthony Nolan’ and current issues in the Tamil community. By engaging with other societies, members will be given the opportunity to expand their range of knowledge regarding Tamil culture.




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Cultural Officer
Jayawarthan Poopalarajah
Events Coordinator
Hariish Paveendran
Dilan Premkumar
Female Sports Secretary
Keerthana Kulendran
General Secretary
Joshua Antony
Aphisha Sivasuthan
Male Sports Secretary
Riddukshan Ravindran
Music Coordinator
Ashnaa Sasikaran
Narhen Ellalan
Anjani Ramanan
Cynthujan Santhiran