Here's a brief introduction to each of us on committee, with a little bit about each of our roles. All of us can be contacted at info@swingsoc.co.uk.


Incoming Committee:

President - Jo Rees

Vice President - Edith Ginestier

General Secretary - Kaan Gun

Treasurer - Ben Potter

Social Secretary - Caitlin Isaacs


President - Lewis Newton

I am the President of Swing Soc, and I'm working to create a safe and fun environment for all of us to enjoy swing dancing.  I have been dancing for a year in August 2018 and have thrown myself into this because I enjoy it so much, and want you all to do the same! I got into Swing because I've seen it performed for many years and eventually decided to bite the bullet and take some lessons and honestly I've never looked back!

General Secretary - Hollie Taylor 

Hi everyone! I'm Hollie and I'm the General Secretary. This year is my final undergraduate year at Nottingham in Politics and International Relations. Having started swing dance in my first year, I'm so excited to finish my time at Nottingham on the committee, especially after studying abroad in Canada for the past year. I can't wait to get back into the Notts swing scene!

Treasurer - Edith Ginestier

I joined SwingSoc last year in September and it became one of my favourite societies very quickly. I love how social swing dancing is compared to other types of dance and that you can dance with anyone, even those who may have only started learning swing that day. Dancing with more experienced people is great fun too and sometimes you can learn new moves just by being led through them. The more people that get the chance to have a go at it the better!

NEW POSITION - Vice President - Alice Linton

Hi! I'm Alice and i'm in my second year studying ancient history and archaeology. I discovered swing dance through this society a year ago and I quickly fell in love with the dancing and the people. Its a very fun and relaxed society full of awesome people (if I do say so myself). As Vice President i'm going to be honest my job is a bit vague so I'll just sort of help keep things ticking along and of course I'll always be available for chats and dances with anyone who wants. I think you'll have a wonderful time in this society and we can't wait to see you at classes!

NEW POSITION - Social Secretary - Jonathan Mann

As social secretary, I am responsible for organising some of the more frequent smaller scale events throughout the year. I'll likely be the one responding to you on our social media sites!





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Development Co-ordinator
Meg Buckingham
General Secretary
Hollie May Taylor
Lewis Newton
Social Secretary
Jonathan Mann
Edith Helewise Ginestier
Vice President
Alice Diana Milford Linton