Swing Dance Society

Here's a brief introduction to each of us on committee. All of us can be contacted at info@swingsoc.co.uk.

Welfare Reps - Kaan and Caitlin

If you have a welfare issue please talk to Kaan or Caitlin in person, contact them on facebook (full names below), or send them an email at:

Kaan: layksg@nottingham.ac.uk

Caitlin: mbyci1@nottingham.ac.uk

President - Jo Rees

Hi! I’m an architecture student. As president, I want to continue the work of the previous committee in making our society a fun and safe environment for all. I will have been dancing for a year in October 2019, managing to learn both lead and follow, so you can always ask me to dance. I love this dance and I hope you do too!

General Secretary - Kaan Sinan Gün

Hi everyone! I’m Kaan, the new gensec for the society.

I’m in my third year of Architecture and Environmental engineering and I started swing last October. I had never danced before I did swing but I’ve quickly fallen in love with it. My favourite part about swing is the musicality of dancing and how with knowledge of only a few moves you can dance and make something really beautiful!

Please feel free to contact me to ask me anything you like!

Treasurer - Ben Potter

Hi, I'm Ben and I've been part of the society for a year. Last year I was elected to be treasurer for the society and it is a very important part of my university life. I'm currently in my third year of physics, and want to show just how enjoyable swing dancing is to people!

Vice President - Edith Ginestier

I started swing dancing two years ago during freshers and it quickly became a very important part of my uni life, so I decided to join the committee as treasurer last year. I wanted to remain a part of the committee this year because I want as many people as possible to be able to have a go at swing dancing! It's an amazing hobby because everyone enjoys something different about it; be that socialising, focusing on musicality, learning some super fancy moves, exercise, or any combination of the above and more!

Social Secretary - Caitlin Isaacs

I started dancing in the autumn of last year and absolutely love it, its such a fun way to meet people and a brilliant distraction from coursework! I’m really looking forward to running as many social dances and events as possible in the coming year and hope to see you there!



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General Secretary
Kaan Sinan Gun
Joanne Rees
Social Secretary
Caitlin Isaacs
Ben Christopher Potter
Vice President
Edith Helewise Ginestier