Sudanese Nile

Feeling lucky?..... Yes....Great, you should be, Congrats to all Sudanese Freshers for being here at the Notts University.


First, let me give a brief introduction about Sudanese Nile  Society (S.N.S). The society remains busy throughout the year in organising numerous events, predominantly cultural and educational (like conferences, forums, speeches) about Sudan and the region around.


Of course, this is not the limit, there is a lot more than culture and education, we actively organise a number of social activities, like sports week and travel to different countrysides to discover the beauty and adventure in the surroundings.

Your SNS is also very friendly and cooperative with the local community. Out of many, one of our aims is to look after the well-being and interest of Sudanese students in Nottingham by providing plenty of activities.

Let’s stick together to explore the Sudan beloved friendship.



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